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Rainbow High lyrics


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     Rainbow High
    >> Madonna
    There again I've more to do
    Than simply get the message through
    I haven't started
    Let's get this show on the road
    Let's make it obvious
    Peron is off and rolling


    (Eva's dressers:)
    Eyes, hair, mouth, figure
    Dress, voice, style, movement
    Hands, magic, rings, glamour
    Face, diamonds, excitement, image

    I came from the people, they need to adore me
    So Christian Dior me from my head to my toes
    I need to be dazzling, I want to be Rainbow High
    They must have excitement, and so must I

    (Eva's dressers:)
    Eyes, hair, mouth, figure
    Dress, voice, style, image

    I'm their product, it's vital you sell me
    So Machiavell me, make an Argentine Rose
    I need to be thrilling, I want to be Rainbow High
    They need their escape, and so do I


    All my descamisados expect me to outshine the enemy
    I won't disappoint them
    I'm their savior, that's what they call me
    So Lauren Bacall me, anything goes
    To make me fantastic, I have to be Rainbow High
    In magical colors

    You're not decorating a girl for a night on the town
    And I'm not a second-rate queen getting kicks with a crown

    Next stop will be Europe
    The Rainbow's gonna tour, dressed up, somewhere to go
    We'll put on a show

    Look out, mighty Europe
    Because you oughta know whatcha gonna get in me
    Just a little touch of
    Just a little touch of
    Argentina's brand of star quality
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